Mikołaj Melanowicz, Tatsumura Kōhō i jego tradycyjne nishiki



Mikołaj Melanowicz

Tatsumura Kōhō and his Traditional Nishiki – Pictures Woven from Silk

 The article is a synopsis description of original brocade art pieces (Jpn. nishiki ori) of Tatsumura Kōhō (born 1946) and his predecessors Heizō (Kōha, 1876–1962) and Heizō II (Kōshō, 1905–1978). The author concentrates on Kōhō’s works, who, starting from the 1970’s, was creating woven silk fabrics of exceptional, unrepeatable beauty. The fabrics are used as theatre curtains, decorative tapestries, or numerous other objects of everyday usage. Kōhō’s loom played a major part in the reconstruction of ancient fabrics – pieces preserved in Shōsōin and Hōryūji. The author presents in detail a few works that Kōhō committed for the Imperial Household order, namely the piece The Noble Pine and the tapestry The Seto Inner Sea. The tapestry Murasaki’s Recollection, woven to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji) is also noted.

The article is dedicated to the memory of the first Polish exhibition of Tatsumura’s works (Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Kraków, 2003).