Mikołaj Melanowicz, Pisarz japoński Hirano, laureat Nagrody Akutagawy



Mikołaj Melanowicz, The Japanese Writer Hirano – Akutagawa Prize laureate and author of a novel on Chopin

The article presents the literary work of Hirano Keiichirō (born 1975). The main focus falls on the interpretation of the romantic novels Nisshoku (The eclipse, 1998) and Sōsō (The funeral, 2002) as well as some of the realistic novels concerning contemporary Japan, like Kekkai (The collapse, 2008) and Katachi dake no ai (The apparent love, 2010). The author of the article shows that unlike Murakami Haruki with his Americanness, Hirano is rather an heir to the tradition of such writers as Mori Ōgai, Tanizaki Jun’ichirō and Natsume Sōseki, although he also appreciates French literature.