Hieronim Kreis, Geneza i założenia tynieckiej ikebany (Tynike) .



Hieronim Stanisław Kreis, The Genesis and Preliminaries of Tyniec Ikebana (Tynike)

The author of the article relates the way in which the present stage of Tynike (Tyniec Ikebana) was achieved. He started the work of decorating Tyniec church in the mid-80s. His first encounter with Japanese ikebana (that is, getsu school) took place during his ministry in 1990. The full record of his quest is presented in the textbook publication  Kwiaty w kościele – tajemnice układania, t. 1–3b (Flowers in the church – the secrets of flower arrangement, vol. 1–3b). The textbook contains his current work methodology: 1. Reading daily liturgy scriptures. 2. Revealing the liturgy message. 3. Transforming the message into image (floral composition). From Autumn 2010 he started his work defining the liturgy ikebana, in which he sees a chance for the rediscovery of ikebana for Japanese Christians. That is how “Tynike” was created – Tyniec ikebana, which has two fields of activity: flowers in liturgy – flowers for you. As far as the form is concerned the author stays with Ikebana, but he does not dismiss the possibility of applying the method of work he created to floral arrangements, if their aim is transmitting the liturgy message.