Anastasiia Kharchenko, Japońskie legendy miejskie: między folklorem a literaturą



Japanese Urban Legends: Between folklore and literature
In  the  article  the  author  presents  the  mutual  relationships  between  oral transmission  and  written  literature  using  Japanese  urban  legends  as  the example.  After  an  introduction  of  characteristics  of  urban  legends  as  the modern  folklore  genre  and  a  short  description  of  the  state  of  research  on urban legends in Japan, the author discusses three main types of phenomena illustrating the process of mutual fluctuation between folklore and literature.  Hence, the act of subjecting urban legends to literary processing and presenting them in the form of short novels; adapting into urban folklore some  of the literary works’ storylines; and incorporating motifs from folklore to written  literature  and  vice-versa.  The  aim  of  the  article  is  to  show  that  in  modern times, same as ages ago, Japanese literature and folk tradition still remain intimately bound.