Aleksandra Capiga-Łochowicz, Tańcząc w głąb siebie – od tańca butō




Aleksandra Capiga-Łochowicz, Dancing Deep into Yourself – From Butoh dance to Dance Movement Psychotherapy

The author, relating to the division of Butoh dance into the stage dance and the dance carried out beyond the stage, focuses on off-stage training which contains, in her opinion, the key to a thorough understanding of this form. Defining Butoh as a process of  exploring the relation between the body and the mind points towards the Butoh Dance Method, designed by Kasai Toshiharu, with its goal of psychosomatic integration. The author describes in detail the structure of a training session led according to this method: the stage of free-style movement, relaxation, and movement/confrontation, to  subsequently turn her focus to the Butoh Dance Method seen in the context of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP).