Agnieszka Kozyra, Kryzys tradycyjnego modelu rodziny w Latach mroku




Agnieszka Kozyra, The Crisis of the Traditional Family Model in  Kōkotsu no Hito (The Twilight Years) by Ariyoshi Sawako

Based on Ariyoshi Sawako’s novel, the author presents changes that the Japanese traditional family model was undergoing in the 1960s. She analyzes three female characters that belong to different generations: Akiko, her mother- in-law, and Emi – the student. Each of them is a wife, but they see their role in the family differently. The author mainly pays attention to the dilemmas of Akiko since it is she who faces difficult life choices due to the necessity of taking care of her father-in-law who suffers from dementia. Within her novel, Ariyoshi Sawako deals with many aspects of the issue of the ageing society in Japan.