Jakub Karpoluk, Teatr nō w środku Europy



Jakub Karpoluk, Noh Theater in the Middle of Europe

The author, while continuing his research in Japanese classical Noh theater, tries to stay in accordance with the nature of Noh by getting involved in stage practice. The very structure of Noh urges one to do so through its multitude of performative forms, from a full performance to simpler forms like shimai (dance). In the given text the author describes his theater activities, starting with initiating the Polish Noh practice group, Ryokurankai, in cooperation with the shite actor, Matsui Akira. The article describes the work that led to the staging of the Polish Noh drama, Stroiciel fortepianu (Piano Tuner) by Jadwiga M. Rodowicz, performed by the theater troupe Tessenkai.  Furthermore it relates the author’s cooperation with the director Marek Koterski on staging the play Moja droga B. (My Dear B.) and the project Nō: próba zbliżenia (Noh: an approach attempt), within which Polish Noh practitioners performed a fragment of the classical play Hagoromo (The Feather Mantle).